Maternity and Paternity Pay for Junior Doctors

As an NHS worker, you will be entitled to a certain degree of maternity or paternity leave. For ease of structure, we’ll first talk about maternity leave and pay, and then explain how this leads to shared parental leave (SPL). Maternity leave All pregnant employees are entitled to a period of 52 weeks’ maternity leave. … Read more

Sick Pay for NHS Junior Doctors

It’s important to plan for sudden unexpected circumstances, and sometimes this involves planning for the worst. This article will discuss what happens if you become unable to work due to illness, injury or disability and how you can plan your finances in these circumstances. If you are off sick, you are entitled to paid sick … Read more

FiY1 and Coronavirus Salary FAQs

How will my salary be determined after changes due to coronavirus? Because of coronavirus, a number of juniors across the country have had their working rota amended, to facilitate emergency staffing. This may have meant a change in the frequency of your weekends, out-of-hours shifts or total working hours. The change in your shift pattern … Read more

Understanding the Junior Doctor’s Payslip

It’s really important to understand your payslip, so you can make sure you’re being paid and taxed correctly. Unfortunately, they can be extremely tricky to interpret as they use a lot of jargon, acronyms and other terms that seem strange to someone without a background in finance or accounting. We’ve included a sample payslip below. … Read more

What is Junior Doctor Pay Banding?

If you’re a new or prospective junior doctor, you might come across the term “banding”, usually referring to your salary. But there’s not usually very much information about what it means or how it applies to you. In summary, banding no longer applies to junior doctors in England under the “new” 2016 contract. To find … Read more

Junior Doctor Salaries Explained

No-one ever really explains how a junior doctor’s salary works. So when your first paycheck comes along, how do you know it’s the same as what you were promised? And how can you plan your income over the next couple of years? Here we’ll go through the various elements of your salary and how it’s … Read more