Budgeting and Financial Planning

Investing can be the key to long-term financial health by making your money work for you. It can be tricky sometimes to put together enough to get your investment portfolio started, and that’s where budgeting comes in. Alongside optimising your income, curbing your expenditure using a budget can help you build up some savings to … Read more


You might hear people mention “ISA” and savings, especially during the new year leading up to April. But what is an ISA and how is it relevant to me as a doctor? What is an ISA and why is it useful? An ISA is an “individual savings account”. It allows you to save and invest … Read more

NHS Pension Basics

If becoming a doctor was your first job, the concept of pensions might be new to you. Upon starting, you may have been enrolled in the NHS pension scheme, so it’s worth learning more about it. What is the NHS pension? In its simplest form, a pension is a fund into which an employee and … Read more