Understanding the NHS Total Reward Statement

The Total Reward Statement (TRS) is the main document which gives a breakdown of your pension contributions and benefits, as well as other information about your annual income. Your TRS is available annually in August and is most easily accessible via your Trust’s Electronic Staff Record Programme (ESR) or from the TRS website. In this … Read more

Salary Sacrifice

For doctors moving from CT/ST2 to CT/ST3, the following article is essential reading, as using salary sacrifice could boost your take-home income if used judiciously (~£200 per month). What is salary sacrifice? A salary sacrifice scheme is when you agree to exchange part of your salary in order to receive extra non-cash benefits from your … Read more

NHS Pension Basics

If becoming a doctor was your first job, the concept of pensions might be new to you. Upon starting, you may have been enrolled in the NHS pension scheme, so it’s worth learning more about it. What is the NHS pension? In its simplest form, a pension is a fund into which an employee and … Read more