Pay calculator

The pay calculator spreadsheet below has been created to help you estimate various aspects of your salary and work out how much you ought to be receiving and paying.

It is also useful for prospective medical students and doctors to get an idea of what a junior doctor’s take-home salary is actually like. And for junior doctors, it can also be useful to try and plan your income over the next few years as your career progresses.

To read more about how a junior doctor’s salary is calculated, and to understand the elements that make up the calculator below, see the following articles:

You might also want to look at the simple guide to money management after using the calculator, to get an idea of how you can make the most of your net salary shown below. You can also have a look at some of our suggested resources for budgeting and financial planning.

Using the calculator

To use the calculator, edit the values in the blank spaces. A summary of the correct annual and monthly payments and deductions for your schedule will appear on the right.

Amounts are now up to date as of 1st April 2020, so may be slightly different from other sources found online.

Note this calculator is not yet updated for mobile devices, so we would recommend using a desktop or laptop computer to fill in the fields!

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The fine print

Pay calculator based on T&Cs and Pay & Conditions Circular published in August 2019.

“Vanilla” version 1.2 (Apr 2020) assumptions: